when red wine goes spoiled


If you’ve kept up with the news as of late, you may have seen the recent discovery that a renowned researcher falsified red wine data from a study he conducted. Initially I was shocked – probably more disgusted with the fact that we’re supposed to trust in research publications as they are the only real and factual basis available. However, I realized that this is what the media intended. They want to confuse their audience, after all, the world of nutrition is full of contradictions. Coffee for one, was known for it’s detrimental effects on the body, however with modern research they’ve proved that it can stimulate the brain and “may” stave off Alzheimer and Diabetes. Nothing is proven, and there’s always that exception to the rule.


Image from http://www.thelivingwine.com

As a red wine enthusiast, I won’t put down my glass just yet. There are plenty of studies demonstrating a positive correlation of the health benefits of red wine and it’s future seems quite promising. If there is one thing I learned throughout my major, it is that nutrition is an extremely complex field with many shades of gray. Everyone is different and reacts to certain foods in various ways; think of all the food, mineral, vitamins, and toxin combinations! Not to mention the addition of lifestyle factors as well as the environment. Ultimately, if there is something I would want to pass down to my loved ones, I would tell them to be your own experiment. Listen to your body, follow your intuition and learn your family health history.

If you’re really interested in finding out factual information, there are plenty of resources available! Sites where scientific journals are published such as http://scholar.google.com/ and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ are what I most commonly rely on.

Cheers to health 🙂


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