Top 5 Foods for a Healthy Smile



1. Cheese

Let’s face it… cheese receives a lot of bad rap in the nutrition field. BUT, what you didn’t know was that cheese has the ability to protect your teeth. After eating corrosive acidic foods such as sweets, or my favorite acidic food of choice: coffee, it’s a good idea to consume a small piece of cheese. The high calcium dairy wonder is alkaline, neutralizing the acidic damage in the mouth and preventing tooth decay while protecting your smile from damage.

2. Nuts

Can’t get better than nuts. High in magnesium, calcium, and phosphates these legumes have what it takes to keep your teeth strong. The extra chewing required from nuts also aids in saliva production, neutralizing cavity inducing bacteria. The gritty texture of nuts also massages the gums to keep them in tip-top shape and helps clean between teeth.

3. Strawberries

Besides enjoying the deliciousness of strawberries, you can now indulge in their oral health benefits as well. A wonderful source of Vitamin C, strawberries can help promote collagen growth and keep your dental enamel strong. Tooth enamel is considered the strongest mineral substance in the body, even stronger than your bones!

Strawberries also have the power to whiten teeth. Malic Acid, a component found in these berries, helps remove surface stains attained from wine, drinking coffee, or other substances.

4. Salmon

A great source of Vitamin D, calcium almost relies on this vitamin for proper absorption. Calcium is one of the backbones for healthy teeth and gums so make sure you’re taking full advantage of your calcium supplies!

5. Green tea

Green tea has the ability to prevent sugar from breaking down into the more damaging form, remove plaque, and reduce harmful bacterial in the mouth. Green tea also kicks inflammation and cancer cells to the curb with it’s high polyphenol (antioxidant) contents. New studies show that green tea has the ability to super-charge your body’s oral defense systems and increase the efficiency of protecting your teeth. I’ll cheers to that!


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