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On this glorious day in 2013, I can’t help but look back on the highlights of 2012:

  • Graduated with a bachelors degree, in NUTRITION! 
  • Participated in my first large scale research project based on exercise & blood glucose.
  • Made it through one year of a long distance relationship with my Matthew.
  • Traveled to Asia for the first time since I was 2 years old — covered Tibet, Phlippines, China, and Japan!
  • Moved to NYC and started another chapter in life.
  • Made significant improvements under my cooking belt.
  • Acceptance into Dental School!

Now to recap on my new years resolutions, I can confidently say that I’ve worked on each and every one of them. It’s all about improving yourself each year and trying to accomplish new highs. For 2013, I came up with another list of goals that I’d like to complete one step at a time.


  • Find more ways to exercise. I noticed living in NYC, it’s expensive to acquire a gym membership. It’s also exhausting commuting to and from work and finding the time to make it out for a jog. My goal is to exercise at least 5x/week, like I did in college. NO EXCUSES!
  • Find a hobby. I really want to find a hobby that I enjoy, whether it is finally joining that pick up soccer league, or learning a new skill. Tailoring clothes would come in handy.. hmm..
  • Spend more time with friends. I’ve started getting better at this, but my social anxiety likes to kick in…
  • Call my parents more often. I love my parents, but dread using my phone..
  • Eat organic when possible. Nothing extremely major, but I’d like to limit my chemical/pesticide intake even more and try to buy organic whenever I can.
  • Become Yelp Elite. Just one of those things I’ve always wanted to be a part of haha
  • Get my tattoo. I’ve wanted one since I was 16… I still want one at 22, so I think I’m ready.
  • Learn more Tagalog/French. I love languages… It’s a goal to become bilingual before I leave this world. Plus, with the help of the awesome free app Duolingo, it is all that more tangible. 🙂

Health-Resolutions for 2012


My New Year’s Health Resolutions

  • Incorporate more herbs into my diet, including cinnamon. After observing my glucose tolerance in a nutrition lab I took last semester, I learned that I’m at risk for developing diabetes (my dad is diagnosed with it – thank you genetics). It’s always important to get tested, so add that to your list this year!
  • Re-mend relationships with old friends before we all graduate from college. I’ve met so many people in college, and lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been trying to hide away from the world. I’m going to make an effort to reach out to those who have made my college career a memorable experience.
  • Refine my self-control and self-awareness. Losing weight requires a great amount of self-control, and awareness to how certain foods affect the body is crucial to understanding and making habitual changes. Macaroons,  like Kyrptonite to Superman, are my weakness. I need to work on this, but one is okay on occasion 🙂
  • Take care of my financial stresses, and spend more wisely. This means more time for DIY projects, wahoo!
  • Laugh more often. Does anything else need to be said about this one?
  • Floss twice a day. If you floss twice a day, bless you and your beautiful teeth, I’m jealous! I’ve struggled with this process my whole life, always getting yelled at by my dental hygienist. Next cleaning appointment, I know she’ll be impressed.
  • More Yoga/Pilates development. This year I experimented with a few Yoga and Pilates classes. This year I hope I can explore more into the meditation exercises and increase my strength, balance, and clear the mind.
  • Talk on the phone more often. I’m so guilty of this one, and I chose to put this on my list because I know my parents miss talking to me. This will put a smile on their face and mine. Contacting old friends is a must as well, especially since I’m only home once a year.
  • Break off bad relationships. Too many times I’m caught in a negative relationship with people. I don’t need this kind of energy in my life, no one should!
  • Try new foods.  I often go to cool new asian restaurants and get the same meal. Yup, you guessed right: Bibimbap or Pad Thai. Now’s my chance to expand my palate and be adventurous!
  • Stop focusing on other people, and focus on myself. I grew up comparing myself to other people on a constant basis. I realized that I will never be able to have Angelina Jolie’s tall slender body, or Kim Kardashian’s big, long-lashed eyes. Graced with my short 5’0 body, and small asian eyes, this year will focus on enhancing MY assets.

What health related resolutions do you hope to accomplish this year?